Hiquphon 20mm - 3/4 inch soft dome tweeter type OW I, OW II, OW3, OW4, the new OW3 and OW4 and more. Designed and produced in Denmark since 1983.

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Linn speakers

Spare parts

Since 1983, Hiquphon have produced thousands of dome tweeters for Linn Products Ltd. (Glasgow, Scotland).
We produced two types:
D20-LP-1 (since 1983) and D20-LP-2 (since 1988).

We are proud to say that we produced these types for LINN during 25 years!
Linn, being the fantastic serious high end audio manufacturing company they truly are, continued to offer the Hiquphon designed dome tweeters as spare parts until a few years ago. Now and then a speaker will be over-powered and consequently one or both tweeters might suffer a disastrous heatstroke causing the voice coil (the tweeter hart) to collapse.

Old Linn speakers such as
KAN, SARA, ISOBARIK and NEXUS (all are LINN Products trade mark property) were using these tweeters designed and produced with exclusive rights for LINN.

Now and then owners of these precious loudspeakers ask us if they can buy original LINN spare parts directly from Hiquphon, but that is not possible, as they were LINN's "exclusive-right" property!
I suggest they take contact to LINN or a LINN dealer for professional advise.

Sometimes however, if living in special parts of the world or for other reasons, it may seem impossible to order a proper spare part. In that case
Hiquphon can offer a pair of tweeters from our own OW-line that will do as a perfect "drop-in".

In place of the
D20-LP-1 we can offer our OWI-92 which is a modified OWI that will fit exactly into the specific speaker cabinet. As these are more recent designed tweeters, they can to some degree be considered an upgrade at the same time. Not least the extra quality achieved by using closely matched pairs which normally makes a significant improvement.

If you can't get the right spare part
D20-LP-1, then ask Hiquphon for the OWI-92.

In place of the
D20-LP-2 we can offer our OWII-92 (newer models now called OWIIx-92) which is a modified OWII that will fit exactly into the specific speaker cabinet. As the D20-LP-2 is a more recent designed tweeter than the D20-LP-1, there is no special upgrade involved here, as the OWII is exactly the same quality except for some of the early D20-LP-2. So, only upgrading by using our OWII-92 is the value we add by supplying our OW line of tweeters as very narrow matched pairs, which of course does have a great quality advantage to stereo perspective.

If you can't get the right spare part
D20-LP-2, then ask Hiquphon for the OWIIx-92.

Please observe that LINN PRODUCTS and the LINN logo are trademarks and the unique property of LINN PRODUCTS LTD in GLASGOW, SCOTLAND.

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