Hiquphon 20mm - 3/4 inch soft dome tweeter type OW I, OW II, OW3, OW4, the new OW3 and OW4 and more. Designed and produced in Denmark since 1983.

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Terminal, how to connect


1. How do I connect to the Hiquphon dome tweeter terminals?

From the beginning the OW tweeter terminals were meant to be connected by soldering the connecting leads direct into the cup terminals. For best electrical connection and for safe mechanical rattle free connection.

If you can find banana plugs that fit into the terminal holes, then use them only as long as you are tweaking around testing and putting the units in and out of the speaker crossover circuits.

When it comes to the final connection then please solder the wires to the terminals using a good quality tin to make sure you end up with an electrically safe and a mechanically strong connection. This is important, as musical quality depends on a safe no-loss connection.

As the terminals from the beginning were designed to be soldered, they are of course capable and very robust and they are not easily harmed while soldering the combination of wires and terminals. In fact you can solder and unsolder again and again without any problems. Damaging the plastic around the terminal does not influence the sonic quality of the tweeter at all, unless of course you keep heating with the solder iron until the iron tip fully penetrates the plastic housing.

How you connect leads/wires/cords to the terminals of a Hiquphon dome tweeter:

1) Strip your wire (s) say half an inch (approx 12mm).

2) Stick the tripped wire ends down into the cup terminal so that when hitting the bottom, approximately half of the stripped part stay outside the terminals.

3) Gently press a good warm soldering iron tip towards the combination of your stripped wire and terminal and add some quality soldering tin to the heated parts.

4) Now, continue to heat until the tin suddenly melts down inside the terminal cup and thus embrace/connect wire to terminal cup. Remove the soldering iron and let the tin solidified.
Now you should have a perfect connection.

How you disconnect leads/wires/cords from the terminals of a Hiquphon dome tweeter:

If you want to remove the soldered wire from the terminal again then simply heat the joint up with a proper soldering iron again and pull out the wire when the tin has melted.

Be careful with the HOT melted tin! Do wear protection glasses and eventually gloves! Also remember that melted tin can harm and spoil delicate polished surfaces. Your cabinets for instance should be protected while doing this.

Remember, you can not harm the tweeter unless you let the soldering iron touch the terminal for a considerable long time.

Just try to avoid touching the black plastic around the terminal, as it will melt. Still this is only a cosmetic problem that will not harm the function of the tweeter.

Rewiring the tweeter later again is simply done by having the old tin to melt again in the cup terminal and then while the tin is floating, stick your wire into the melt and add some extra tin if necessary.

We hope this explanation was useful to you. If not, then just email us and ask again further.

Don’t get nervous about this. We have never heard of customers being able to destroy a Hiquphon tweeter in the process of soldering the wire/terminal. So why would you be the first?
The terminals are VERY robust! You can connect to them by soldering again and again. No problem. Just always keep in mind, that the soldering iron should not be used longer than needed to melt the tin.

Good luck with your speaker construction. /OW

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