Hiquphon 20mm - 3/4 inch soft dome tweeter type OW I, OW II, OW3, OW4, the new OW3 and OW4 and more. Designed and produced in Denmark since 1983.

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Email from Walther J. Bauer-Lukawsky, Canada, 05. Oct 2003

Subject: Walter just received a pair of OW1-6 (special 6 screw holes in the flange)

Dear Oskar;

I went to the Post Office yesterday and picked up my tweeters!
Your shipping packaging was the best I have ever seen from any product supplier in my lifetime.
You are a man that pays attention to details and I was absolutely wowed by the way you took the time to treat my package with care.
When I opened the box, I did this in the Car. I was even more impressed.
A box within a box, carefully padded with a specialty custom die cut blue foam.

I removed your package and suddenly I was overwhelmed. You personally tested, packaged and certified my tweeters. I went home and I decided on the way home that I would place these tweeter in my four way Dynaudio configuration. I had difficulty soldering the wires into your recessed terminals. I do not have the right connectors. Maybe you could be so kind and send me the proper wire terminal connectors with my next order. The driver flanges were smaller than my D21 AF Flanges so I was only able to fasten them to the cabinets with one screw. When I turned on the loudspeakers something was missing. I put my ears to the drivers to make sure they were functional.

The noise level of the circuit had been greatly reduced. When I played by first CD I was in shock. Suddenly my system sounded not just better by almost 10 times better. The Dynaudio tweeter is a good tweeter however no loudspeaker designer has ever been able to time align it with the D52AF.

Suddenly to my shock I had a perfect time alignment. All the harmonics, overtones settle reverberations were suddenly present with a profound clarity.

You cannot buy this at any price in the current market place. No ribbon, electrostatic or other dome configuration has done this to my knowledge and listening at any price. To get near this you need to have the best reproduction equipment possible and even than without the right drivers it is difficult to hear the harmonic overtones clearly on all recorded material.

I have never heard any system do this before. Sure I have the lack of details on the quality of the recordings themselves however now I could hear for the first time near perfect harmonics. The plastic picks on a guitar string were clearly pronounced, lip, tongue and teeth noise was clearly audible. I did not make any adjustments to my crossover I just made a straightforward substitution of tweeter for tweeter. I need to remove the Vishay resistor from the circuit and I will have an even more pronounced sound. Your tweeter with the Dynaudio D52AF 2 inch dome performed the way the designers at Dynaudio of the D21 AF had always dreamed it would perform but never did. I will now listen to your tweeter with our 8 Inch Volt Driver. The 8 inch Volt driver has the identical linearity to 3500 HZ as your tweeter and is within 1 db of your tweeter. We will allow for the Volt driver to naturally fall off and we will only use a new ultra low distortion capacitor from IWC of Ireland as a high pass in the circuit. If the upper details and accuracy of the harmonics are not as pronounced as in my 4 way design with near perfect reproduction of the harmonics I will need to back to the drawing board for a whole new design.

Oscar, I thank you for dedicating your life to producing the ultimate tweeter. You are the only tweeter designer in the world that I have heard who is not musically dead. What you have done for my four way design is a like a miracle of music. I had hoped to create a linear harmonic however I was never able to do so until yesterday.

Again, thank you and I am now on a whole new design path of paying attention to the harmonics.

Yours truly,


Email from Andrew Dowling, Australia, 16. november 2007

Subject: OW1 order

Hi Oskar

I am writing to let you know how much I have been enjoying the OW1s you sent early this year. They are sweet beyond compare.

As a result I have a client who also wants a pair in a new system I have designed with a pair of peerless mid-woofers (830883) in a transmission line enclosure.

Can you give me a quote on sending 1 pair of OW1s to Melbourne, Australia with International express postage. I will pay via Paypal

thank you

Andrew Dowling

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