Hiquphon 20mm - 3/4 inch soft dome tweeter type OW I, OW II, OW3, OW4, the new OW3 and OW4 and more. Designed and produced in Denmark since 1983.

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Payment, bank accounts

How to buy

I suggest you use PayPal when you pay us. Simply because PayPal is easy to use, fast and very secure! And it is free of charge for you!

If you prefer to execute a standard bank transfer (bank account to bank account), then please email me and I will info you the necessary bank data. Use email address info@hiquphon.dk

How do you prepay an amount to our Hiquphon account with PayPal ?

Go to the following web address: (copy/paste it to your internet browser)

Follow a few easy steps on the PayPal site and pay to our special PayPal account:

Should you run into problems while doing this, then email us on
info@hiquphon.dk and we will hopefully sort it out together.

Kind regards
Oskar Wr°nding

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