Hiquphon 20mm - 3/4 inch soft dome tweeter type OW I, OW II, OW3, OW4, the new OW3 and OW4 and more. Designed and produced in Denmark since 1983.

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Optional addons


Optional add-ons.

We can offer a number of different optional add-ons, in order to differentiate the visible appearance of the tweeter.

The standard diameter of all OW types is 94 mm, featuring 3 holes for assembly in the flange as part of the basic molded front part. These holes are centered on the dividing diameter 82,5mm and spaced in 120 degree. These 3 holes can not be cancelled.
We can however (in our in-house workshop lathe) cut down the diameter to say 92mm or less (not smaller than °68mm, as this is the diameter of the body itself). The area in which the 3 holes brakes the front is of course a poor area to cut a new diameter, as if placed within the holes area, there will be 3 cuts in the flange edge, which does not look pretty.

The 3 holes in the front flange of the tweeter can be accompanied by for instance yet another 3 holes in between the first 3, or placed anywhere you like on the same dividing circle as the 3 basic holes.

a. This will give the tweeter a different appearance, and/or...
b. ...3 more holes will in certain cases by an advantage for the mechanical safety, when for instance the cabinet is made of a soft material in which the screws may have a poor grip.
We can also put the 3 holes close to those already there, to make them as 3 pairs.


Also magnetic oil is an option in all tweeter combinations.
Magnetic oil can be a good add-on if:

You want to have a better power handling, which especially could be important the lower you want to cross over to the tweeter and/or if you want to divide to the tweeter by means of a low order filter configuration for instance a 1. order 6 dB/oct filter. In the combined situation with a 1. order cross-over and divided lower than 3 kHz I would normally recommend you have your tweeter with the optional magnetic oil.

b. You want to have the tweeter better dampened around the own resonance (typical 800-900 Hz). By applying magnetic oil to the air gap, the voice coil will be "restricted" in its movement, and thus the high excursions (oscillation) which is at its maximum around the resonance frequency, will be reduced rather much. Normally this also means that the resonance frequency will move upward quite a bit.

So, now having rather low amplitude but placed up higher in the frequency range.

A foam ring can be placed in the front part, and thus gives the tweeter a special look. (See pictures)

5. GRILL (unfortunately not available for the moment - we need a new supplier: can you recommend one?)
The tweeter can be supplied with a grill in front of the dome, in order to protect the dome against mechanical damage, either by accident (little fingers investigating) or by purpose when used for instance openly in the cabin of a car.
Our tweeters are used with great success in CAR AUDIO and in that environment it might be good to have the dome protected.

The standard color of the dome it self is black. We use different dome materials, and their final black appearance will vary depending on the fabric type.

We can add a special color to the dome, and thus have them look for instance as gold- or platinum-like domes.

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