Hiquphon 20mm - 3/4 inch soft dome tweeter type OW I, OW II, OW3, OW4, the new OW3 and OW4 and more. Designed and produced in Denmark since 1983.

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Special offer now and then:

As a normal procedure we produce a surplus quantity of tweeters when a customer place an order.

We need to be sure that we can supply the ordered quantity in full. When we go through the procedure of matching OW-pairs, extra tweeters are often needed to get the sufficient number of ordered pairs as not all tweeters will find a proper mate although being top quality.
To be matched as pairs within 0.5dB between curves in frequancy area 2-20kHz is a tough demand for coated dome tweeters! So surplus stock will arise during time.

We also produce special versions that are sold only now and then and if such a pair has been in stock for a long time we may put in on special sale.

Now and then we have a few tweeters with minor cosmetic defects (could be a scratch on the rear part or maybe a small dust grain permanently caught in the dome coating and then visibel in a certain angle or light).

Such tweeters, although being acoustically top quality, will not be sold as standard OW quality types. On the other hand it would be an awfull waist just to throw them out, if someone out there could make use of them.

Tweeters like those, could pile up on our shelves forming a surplus stock that we can't keep for ever. So, we will offer them on our "SURPLUS STOCK" page as a new service. Simply click the link and see what we may offer right now.

Then simply order by excecuting a "PayPal" buy and your tweeters are flying and will hit your door step in a few days. Remember to use the specific code name we use for each single offer.

SOLD! Not available anymore.

Right now we have a pair of OW5 for sale at a reduced price. To customers outside the European Union they normally cost EUR 212 + shipping (typical EUR 30 overseas or EUR 25 in Europe).

SPECIAL OFFER world ex EU: EUR 199,- all included to all customers outside the European Union.

SPECIAL OFFER within EU: EUR 248,75 all included to all customers in the European Union (VAT Danish 25% are added then).

Go to PayPal at www.paypal.com and make your prepayment and refer to "
OW5 hiq-01" as the items you want to buy.
Use our account hiquphon@mail.dk

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The OW5

In 2007 I have received a number of requests from customers who were particularly happy with the acoustical quality of OW3/4 but didn't like the gold or the platinum colored OW3 and OW4.
They would only accept a classic black dome tweeter.

So I decided to develop a black classic "OW3/4" substitute for those customers who like to keep the classic black look in their speakers.

I had to find a name for this one, and being in a hurry I came up with "OW5". This no 5 indicate a newer and then better tweeter, but the name OW 5 is simply "the next available in the row".

OW5 is mechanically and acoustically identical to the OW3 and the OW4,
Only difference is the dome color being classic black (shining).

Today I would have named it differently, but I have to stay with the present name in order to avoid further confusion about type/names.

Best regards
Oskar Wr°nding

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