Hiquphon 20mm - 3/4 inch soft dome tweeter type OW I, OW II, OW3, OW4, the new OW3 and OW4 and more. Designed and produced in Denmark since 1983.

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Spare parts for old Fried speakers

Spare parts

Replacement tweeter for Fried Speakers...we still make them!

When the famous speakers from the old Fried Products Company were made years ago under the brilliant leadership of Mr. Irving M. Fried ("Bud" among friends), "The best tweeter in the world" (so Bud said whenever he had the opportunity and that happened quite often) was used. This tweeter was an early version of the Hiquphon OWII using magnetic oil in the air gap.

Between 1983 and 1999 Fried Products used a 92mm version. From 2000 to 2003 our standard 94mm tweeter has been used in the newer Valhalla Speakers from Fried Products.

So, during quite many years we produced thousands of tweeters for various Fried Products speakers. Most of these tweeters still serve their owners faithfully. Unfortunately now then an accident may happen.
For instance a child or grand child with small curious fingers have been “investigating” the stiffness of the soft dome and pushed too hard :-( Spare parts therefore now and then are needed as replacement.

We still produce the original old types for replacement and sell them direct to any private owner of a pair of Fried Speakers. Simply email us, prepay the amount asked for, and your tweeters are flying the next day.

Normally we only sell two units per order because we believe it to be important that you get a matched pair.
So if one original unit is still playing and only one is off, we recommend that you change both and save the first still good one for eventual later use if another accident should happen.

Buying direct from Hiquphon is easy! You can simply prepay us through PayPal using your credit card. A bank transfer is of course an option, if that is what you prefer.

Original tweeter type names could be such as: D20-90-FS, D206-90-FS, D206-9008-FS or D2092-9008-FS, D2092-9008-01 and a few others. Many of these, but not all, are supplied with a black porous neoprene foam ring, flush mounted in the surface surrounding the center dome. If possible, remove the tweeter from the cabinet and find the label on the unit (if not removed for some reason) showing our company name
Hiquphon, the type name and a serial number.
Newer types (for Valhalla) may be named D2094-9008-F3B.

If you are uncertain of whether or not the tweeters in your Fried Speakers are produced by Hiquphon, you should email us and together we will find out what can be done.

Finally we would like to mention, that quite a number of Fried Speaker owners have chosen to buy our special modified OWII, OW3 or OW4 as upgrades. Replacing the original tweeters with those new matched OW-types has generated quite many profoundly grateful emails to Hiquphon during many years already.

Our saying: “to music with love…” are not just empty words.

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